Skipr is the ideal tool for enterprise mobility management.

As an administrator

Easily implement your company's mobility policy, without administrative burden:

  • Enable your employees to move in a more flexible and sustainable way
  • Maintain control over authorized mobility services
  • Control your costs by setting spending limits
  • Respect the regulatory and fiscal frameworks in force in your country (e.g. URSSAF compliance)
  • Implement legal mobility schemes in a few clicks (🇧🇪 Mobility Budget, 🇫🇷 Forfait Mobilités Durables, 🇫🇷 Crédit Mobilité)
  • Track your employees' expenses and budgets via our centralized view
  • Export your employees' expenses and reimbursements
  • Follow and communicate your CSR commitments thanks to the generation of the CO2 balance of your employees' mobility

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