How to add a new employee on Skipr? How to add a new employee on Skipr?

How to add a new employee on Skipr?

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Once logged into your admin dashboard, you can invite employees in two ways:

  • Directly via the menu, by clicking on "Invite an employee" at the bottom
  • By clicking on "Employees" in the menu, then on the "Invite an employee" button at the top right


You will then have to fill in some information about your employee to set up their Skipr account.


1. Identification

First, complete your employee's personal information: first name, last name, email address, cell phone number.

⚠️ Be sure to fill in your employee's professional email address, without any typing errors. This email will serve as his login to Skipr.


2. Spending Policy

Once you have completed your employee information, you will be asked to select the mobility group to which they will be attached.

You will see a reminder of the Programs to which the mobility group has access and the associated spending limits.


You will then need to indicate when you want your employee's budgets to start.

💡 It's the starting date from which their budgets will be calculated.

We are on February 3rd, and you add a new employee with a budget start date on January 1st. Their mobility policy states that they have 100€ per month, that arecarried-over to the next month. So they'll have 200€ on February 3rd (ie. 100€ for January + 100€ for February).


3. Payment Card

Next, you will need to indicate whether you want your employees to have access to a physical orvirtual Skipr card.

💡 If you assign a physical card to an employee, they will also have a virtual card.



4. Invitation

Before sending your invitation, you will be presented with a summary of your configured elements.


You will then have to indicate whether you want to invite your employee right away, or set a later invitation date.


The list of invited employees is available in the Employees section, and the "Current Invitations" view.

On the specified day, your employees will receive a welcome email inviting them to access the Skipr dashboard and create their password.

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