What are the different roles on Skipr? What are the different roles on Skipr?

What are the different roles on Skipr?

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There are different roles in Skipr:

  • 3 management roles: the Administrator, the Reviewer and the Observer
  • 1 user role: the Employee

The Administrator

This role gives the highest level of access and allows you to define the roles and access rights of the other manager accounts (Administrators, Reviewers and Observers).

The Reviewer

The Reviewer role is reserved for the validation of expenses (card payments and reimbursement requests). Its access is limited to the Validations menu.

The Observer

The Observer role provides access to information and documents related to your company's activity and accounting, and is intended for your accountant or any other person who needs to make declarations for your company.

Observers cannot perform any other actions, such as making payments or managing your company's users and settings.

The Employee

This role allows your company's employees to consume their mobility via Skipr, thanks to the Mobility Programs you have defined.

They can make payments or enter claims, but have no access to configure your Programs, manage your employees or approve expenses.

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