How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee? How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee?

How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee?

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When you set up your Mobility Programs, you can set a spending policy by Groups, but also create a custom spending policy for specific employees.

In order to do so, simply go to the Employees section, and open the spending policy of the chosen employee.



You'll see the group(s) they belong to, as long as the associated spending policy(ies), the budget they have and what they spent.
Click on the button "Customise".




You will then be able to edit several parameters of the spending policy:

  • The budget repartition (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • The budget amount
  • If you want to show or hide the limit of their budget to your employees
  • If you want to carry-over the amount at the end of the period or not
  • If you want to adapt the budget to the days worked during the period or not

💡 Custom spending policies will override group spending policies for these employee(s), and will remain the same even if the group spending policies are updated.




You will then be able to update your employee's start date, in order to calculate the proper amount available.
You will also be able to review the amount you will make available to your employee, based on their start date before reseting their budget.

💡 You can only select a date within the budget period of the Program. Changes to a spending policy (group or custom) are applied immediately, and will reset the employee's budget without taking expense history into account.




Once you have defined the custom spending policy, save your changes.
You'll then see a confirmation message, as long as a label to indicate that it's a custom policy. 



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