How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee? How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee?

How to implement a custom spending policy for an employee?

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When you set up your Mobility Programs, you will set up a spending policy for groups of employees.

However, in some cases (like promotions) you might want to give one of your employees a different budget from the one that is applied automatically to all group members. This is done by applying a custom spending policy for the given employee. 



  1. How to customize a spending policy
  2. Impact of a custom spending policy
  3. How to edit a custom policy or reset it

How to customize a spending policy

To customize someone's spending policy, go to the Employees section in the left-side menu and open the spending policy of the given employee by clicking on the three dots "..." at the end of the line.


On the following screen, you will see the group the given employee belongs to, along with the associated spending policy(ies) per Program.

If the employee belongs to several programs, scroll to the program you want to customise and click on "Customise" at the bottom of the card.


On the next screen, you can define the custom spending policy for the given employee in the selected program by editing any of the parameters.

You can change:

  • The budget distribution (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • The budget amount
  • If you want to show or hide the budget amount to the employee
  • If you want to carry over the unused budget amount to the next period or if it resets monthly/quarterly/annually
  • If you want to pro-rate the budget based on the start date

☝️ Consider carefully the impact of your changes.


Once you have defined the custom spending policy, save your changes.

You will be brought back to the overview of the employee's spending policies. The Program for which you applied a customisation will be labelled "Customised" and will immediately show the updated policy, even if you choose for the change to be applied from a date in the future onwards.


Impact of a custom spending policy

💡If you make a change that impacts the amount of budget made available to the employee, you will need to define starting when the change should be applied:

  • the current period (eg. for the current month)
  • the upcoming period (eg. for next month)
  • a custom date (eg. starting 4 months ago, on the first day of the month)

For each of the options, a message will show the precise impact of the change. This message already takes into account the expenses that have been made by the given employee so far.

💡 It is not possible to customize an employee's budget further in the past than the start date. If the start date of a program needs to be changed, please reach out to our Support team (top right corner of this page). 

💡If your change impacts the user's available budget a lot, it might be possible that a negative budget is the result. When saving a change that results in a negative available budget, an additional warning message will be shown:


💡If you change the distribution of someone's budget, the distribution will change automatically for the whole period. The same Program can't have different types of distribution For example, it is not possible to have 3 months of the year a monthly budget and then have a quarterly budget for the rest of the year. 

💡 Custom spending policies will override group spending policies and will remain unchanged even if the group spending policies are updated.


How to edit a custom spending policy

If you want to promote an employee a second time, you can apply the same steps as mentioned above.
Keep in mind, that only the latest custom policy will be shown on the overview screen.