A mobility group is a set of employees who share the same privileges.

Groups allow you to specify spending or approval rules and policies for a set of employees, making it easier to manage permissions and authorizations for those users.

💡 For example.

You can have a group called Salespeople, and grant this group of users the permissions (budgets and approval rules) that salespeople typically need. All employees in this group automatically receive the permissions assigned to the user group.

You can access the management of your groups by clicking on "Settings", then on "Groups" in your menu.

If a new employee joins your organization and needs the same privileges as the Salespeople group, you can assign the appropriate permissions by adding them to that user group.

Similarly, if someone changes positions in your organization, instead of changing that user's permissions, you can simply change them to another group, and their permissions will be updated.

💡 Want to learn more about creating a group? Click here.

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