What can I do with my Skipr dashboard? What can I do with my Skipr dashboard?

What can I do with my Skipr dashboard?

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Welcome to Skipr!

We are delighted to have you.

Now that you have set your password and logged into the admin dashboard for the first time, you will be able to easily manage your company's mobility with Skipr.

Let us first introduce you to the different elements you have access to.

💡 If you also have a user account, you will be able to switch between your admin and user dashboard in the bottom left corner.


Your dashboard

This dashboard allows you to have a global view of the main indicators of your company: the amount available on your wallet, employees, CO2 emissions, expenses made by your employees, and transactions to be validated or refunded.



Depending on the Service Rules and Policies you have in place at your company, you may be required to validate reimbursement requests or card transactions from employees.

To view the list of items that need to be validated, click on "Validations" in the left-side menu, then "Refunds" or "Transactions (app/card)".

💡 Want to learn more about validating refunds and transactions? Please click here.



Programs are at the heart of Skipr, allowing you to implement your company's mobility policy, defining for each Program the authorized mobility services, as well as the rules applying to the expenses made by your employees.

💡 To learn more about the Programs, please click here.



This section allows you to have a centralized view of your employees and the groups they belong to.

You can easily invite employees, or view your current invitations.

This is also the place to customise the spending policies of specific employees or change the group they belong to. 

💡 To learn more about adding employees, please click here.



The Roles section allows you to manage the roles of your employees, and the actions that administrators can perform.

You can also manage your teams from this section.



Here you will be able to download an overview of your approved reimbursement request to forward this information to your accounting or payroll department.

💡 Find out how to reimburse your employees by clicking here.


CO2 Emissions

This section allows you to track the CO2 emissions generated by your employees' trips, as well as the CO2 saved compared to the same trips made by car.

You will see which modes of travel emit the most and can make informed decisions to help your employees move towards more sustainable and flexible mobility.