How can I change my password? How can I change my password?

How can I change my password?

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If you are logged out and have forgotten your password, you will need to reset it. To do this, click on the "Forgot your password?" button on the login screen of your Skipr application or portal.

💡 If your company is using SSO (single sign-on) to access Skipr, it's no use to reset your password via Skipr as it is linked to your SSO. 


Here are the steps to follow to set a new password:

  1. Enter your email address and click on Change my password
  2. Open the email you will receive
  3. Click on the link to reset your password
  4. Follow the instructions and enter the requested information
  5. Set your new password

🔐 Your password must comply with the following security rules:

  • Must contain at least 8 characters.
  • Must contain at least one capital letter.
  • Must contain at least one number.
  • Must contain at least one special character (?%£@€).


❓I did not receive the reset email, what should I do?

If you did not receive the email to reset your password, here are some of the most common reasons why and how to fix them:

  • You did not provide the correct email address. Try again using the one you were invited with on Skipr.
  • You misspelt the email address. Check for typos and correct them before trying again.
  • The email is in a different inbox. Be sure to check the correct inbox you provided as well as the junk folder.