A company specific budget is a Mobility Program tailored to the mobility needs of a company which can be used through Skipr.

This removes the administrative hassle of managing mobility bookings, payments and reimbursements for employees while providing sustainable and flexible mobility options.

In contrast to the Mobility Budget, Forfait Mobilités Durables, or Crédit Mobilité, there are no fiscal advantages with this specific budget. 

The company's Mobility Program can determine:

  • Mobility services that are allowed (public transport, shared mobility providers, parking, fuel, flights,...)
  • Amount of the budget
  • Monthly, quarterly or yearly budget distribution
  • Duration of the budget
  • Carry over (does the remaining amount gets carried over to the next month/year?)
  • Cash pay-out (can employees opt for a pay-out in cash after taxation?)
  • ...

💡 When you pay for an expense in the app, you can always indicate which budget you want to use (if you have multiple budgets).