How to suspend an employee? How to suspend an employee?

How to suspend an employee?

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If an employee left your company or is on temporary leave, you can suspend their access to the platform and rest assured that their account is secured for the time being.

To suspend a user account

  • Go to the Employee section in the left side menu
  • Open the actions related to the employee by clicking on the 3 dots at the end of the line
  • Click on "Suspend the account"
  • You will have to select the date when the suspension will become effective



A pop-up will be displayed to summarise the impact of suspension:

  • the employee will no longer be able to access Skipr (app and web)
  • the Skipr card will be blocked for in-app and card purchases
  • all privileges will be suspended until further notice



💡 If the suspension is effective right away, the employee will appear in the "Suspended accounts" list.
Otherwise, if it's a suspension planned in the future, you will see a "Planned suspensions" button appear on the Employee start page. When clicking on this button you will see all upcoming suspensions.


💡 Suspended accounts are made visible in the "Validation" section with a "blocked" icon in front of the employee's name. This way you will easily identify expenses that need to be reviewed/reimbursed for suspended employees.


❓You wish to suspend an employee on a date in the past? Reach out to our Support team to receive help.