How to reactivate an employee? How to reactivate an employee?

How to reactivate an employee?

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If a suspended employee is coming back from their leave, you can can easily reactivate their Skipr account. Just go to the "Suspended accounts" page of the Employee section, then open the actions related to the employee, and click on "Reactivate the account".


A pop up will be displayed, to summarise the impact of the reactivation:

  • that the employee will get their access to their Program(s) back
  • that their Skipr card will be reactivated
  • that all their privileges will be reactivated

You'll then have to select the date when the reactivation will be effective.


If the reactivation is effective right away, the employee will appear in the "Active accounts" page.
Otherwise, if it's a planned reactivation, you will see a "Planned reactivation" button on the "Suspended accounts" page.

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