What are labels and how to use them What are labels and how to use them

What are labels and how to use them

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Some employers designed budgets in such a way that employees can use a single budget for private and professional purchases.

For reporting and payroll purposes labels are used to distinguish professional and private expenses.

Labels are not used by all employers and if your employer did not activate the use of labels, the below is not applicable.


Labels on reimbursement requests

When creating an expense to receive a reimbursement from your employer, a field called "Label" will be among the fields. The content of this field is automatically filled in, but by clicking on it, it becomes editable and a drop-down shows the alternative options you can select from.

For more information on how to create a reimbursement request see: How do I add an expense I made with my private card?


Labels on in-app or card purchases

When expenses are created for in-app purchases or for purchases made using the Skipr card, a default label is applied. This label can be changed by opening the expense and editing the corresponding field.