🇫🇷 How to declare my yearly public transport subscription? 🇫🇷 How to declare my yearly public transport subscription?

🇫🇷 How to declare my yearly public transport subscription?

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From your employee dashboard, you can add manually your yearly subscription for public transports (e.g. RATP, RTM, TBM, Tisséo etc.) by clicking on the “New Request” button on the top right on your screen, then select “New Expense”. This flow is separated in two parts.

First part:

  • Choose the total amount you paid.
  • Add a description if needed (not mandatory).
  • Choose the date of the expense.
  • Set a repetition "Repeats" (not mandatory): if you have monthly direct debit (SEPA mandat) from your public transport provider, then choose Monthly
  • Check the end of the repetition. If you have the 12th month offered (as RATP for instance), then modify the date accordingly (put the end date one month before the one automatically proposed)
  • Click on Continue button


Second part:

  • Choose a public transport provider (for instance RATP), then select the service you took. For a public transport subscription, choose Subscription • Public Transport
  • After you select your service, if your employer reimburses a portion of the expense, then the total amount you entered will change to include only your employer's portion.

    Choose what budget you would like to allocate for this expense. If the selected service is only present in one program, then the program will automatically be selected.



  • Take a picture of your expense receipt or add it manually (in PNG, JPEG or PDF format) depending on your company policy.
  • You can also enter the expense code related to this expense (depending on the requirement set up by your administrator).
  • If you wish, you can also add a comment.

All you have to do is verify and confirm the submission of the expense by clicking on "Submit" button. It will then be sent for validation to your manager or administrator.

He or she will examine it and may :

  • Approve it if it corresponds to your company's mobility policy.
  • Refuse it if it does not correspond to your mobility policy.
  • Ask you for additional information if the request is not complete. The status of your expense will then change to "info required".

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