What is a recurring expenses ? What is a recurring expenses ?

What is a recurring expenses ?

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What is a monthly repeating expense? 

In some scenarios, such as housing costs, bike leasing, car leasing or public transport subscriptions, you may want to create the exact same request on a monthly basis. In order to make this more efficient, you can add a monthly repeating reimbursement request. 

This is a reimbursement request that is duplicated on a monthly basis. This means that all information within each reimbursement request will be the same, except for the date of payment, which will be on a monthly interval. 


How do I add a monthly repeating expense? 

You can add your expense by clicking on the "New Request" button from the employee dashboard or the mobile app. Select "New expense" from the presented options. 



  • Fill in the monthly amount and expense date and optionally add a description. 
  • In the "Date of expense" field, fill in the start date of your repeating expense.
  • Then select "Monthly" under the "repeats" field. If you have a 12th month for free (as is the case for the RATP for example), modify the date accordingly (put the end date one month before the one suggested to you).
  • Finally, fill in the end date until which you want this expense to be repeated.
  • Press "Continue". 



  • After pressing continue, make sure to fill out the merchant and service.
  • If you have more than one program, select the one you wish to allocate this expense to.
  • Fill in any additional information such as a receipt, description or expense code if required. 
  • Note that you can edit any details from this screen as long as you have not submitted the expense. 
  • Once all details are filled in, press "Submit" in order to finalize the expense creation. 




How do monthly repeating expenses work? 

Each program can have one of three possible settings for the budget distribution across the year and depending on these settings the behavior of repeating expenses may differ slightly. 

For each of the programs, the repeating expenses are created at the moment you receive money for that program. This means that: 

  • Monthly program: In this program, you receive money on your budget on the first day of each month. Similarly, on the first day of each month, the repeating expense is created automatically.  
  • Quarterly program: In this program, you receive money on your budget each quarter. Similarly, on the first day of each quarter, 3 expenses will be created, one for each month within the quarter.  
  • Yearly program: In this program, you received your entire budget for the entire year at the start of the year. For repeating expenses, this means, that all expenses for the rest of the year will be created immediately after pressing "submit". If the end date of the repeating expense was scheduled in the next year, then on the new year all remaining expenses will be created automatically.  

Note that for each program, if you had set the start date in the past all past expenses will be created immediately after pressing "submit". 


Why are some monthly repeating expenses created in the future?

Depending on your program settings, all expenses for the month, quarter or year are created at the start of the month quarter or year. This might mean that expenses may already be created for several months in the future. The reason why we do this is to ensure that your budget is impacted immediately for all your planned expenses. In this way, you don't have to worry that there won't be enough budget left each month to account for the monthly repeating expense. The money was already deducted for you. 


When will my repeating expenses be reimbursed? 

Even though in some programs expenses may be created months in advance, most companies handle reimbursements one month at a time. 

If you want to know more about when you will be reimbursed, check out this page.