How do I add an expense I made with my private card? How do I add an expense I made with my private card?

How do I add an expense I made with my private card?

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You can very easily enter a new expense you paid with your private card on Skipr, directly from your dashboard, on web or in the app. Simply click the “New request” button on the top right corner of your screen (web) or just below your balance (app), and select the “New expense” option.


A new form appears at the right side of the screen, where you are prompted to enter some details about the expense: the amount, a description (optional) and the date of the expense (which is set by default to today). Once the required information has been entered, click the button “Continue”.

You now reach the next step of the new expense flow, where you can enter more information about the expense.


First of all, you need to select the Merchant and associated service by clicking the "Merchant" section and using the search bar. A program to which this expense will be linked is already pre-selected, but you can change it by clicking the option.

You can then fill the rest of the information if needed:

  • Program: is pre-selected based on the merchant and services, but can be changed manually.
  • Receipt: to upload a receipt of your purchase
  • Description: to add a description of your purchase or to modify the description you entered on the previous step
  • Expense code: to add an expense code linked to the purchase
  • Amount: to modify the amount you entered on the previous screen
  • Date: to modify the date you entered on the previous screen


Once everything is completed, submit the expense using the “Submit button” at the top. And you’re done!

Once submitted, the expense will either be auto-approved or it will be sent for validation to your manager or administrator depending on your company policy. 

Your manager or administrator will examine the expense and may :

  • Approve it if it corresponds to your company's mobility policy.
  • Refuse it if it does not correspond to your mobility policy.
  • Ask you for additional information if the request is not complete. The status of your expense will then change to "info required".

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